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7 x Nagel Diamant fräser SET Super Fein, Fein, Mittel, Grob, Extra Grob Diamantschleifer Vergrößern

7 x Diamond Nail Bits Set Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse, Extra Coarse


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1. Diamond Nail Bit Ø2,5mm Super Fine Yellow
2. Diamond Nail Bit Ø2,7mm Medium Blue
3. Diamond Nail Bit Ø 5mm Fine
4. Diamond Nail bit Ø 1.4mm Medium
5. Diamond Nail Bit Ø 5mm Coarse
6. Diamond Nail Bit Ø2,1mm Medium Blue
7. Diamond Nail Bit Ø 5mm Super Coarse

Сoating of diamond dust. 
Bodies and shafts made from stainless steel. 
Used for grinding, engraving and chiselling steel 
(even chrome-cobalt alloy), glass, ceramics, porcelain and plastics. 
All shafts Ø 2.35mm


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